Tell Uqair overview
Other name(s) Tell Aqair
Modern name(s) Tell Uqair
Region Mesopotamia
Section Lower Mesopotamia
Latitude 32.7817058 N suggest info
Longitude 44.66466778 E
Status Accurate location
Info The site is known for its Uruk period architecture: a small tripartite temple with niched walls and an altar, set on an irregular platform not quite a ziggurat. The walls are adorned with polychrome paintings of powerful animals that decorate the altar: a pair of seated leopards in red and black, a bull and possibly a lion. There is also painted geometric decoration which imitates the colored mosaics found at the contemporary site of Uruk in a less expensive and labor intensive way. The paintings survived because the temple was later demolished and filled in with mud bricks so it could serve as the foundation for a still higher structure, and the bricks that it was packed with helped to preserve the paintings on the interior walls. The site is identified as Urum from very early cuneiform texts from the subsequent Jemdet Nasr period.
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Lloyd and Safar (Iraq Antiquities, 1940's)
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32.781706, 44.664668 === 32.781706 N, 44.664668 E === 32° 46' 54.1" N, 44° 39' 52.8" E
Nearest sites Kutha, Tell Ibrahim, circa 5.4 km (3.4 mi) south-west
Tulul Khalfat, circa 12.2 km (7.6 mi) south
Ishan Angur Zuraybah, circa 9 km (5.6 mi) north-east
Niru, Jemdet Nasr, circa 12.9 km (8 mi) south-east
Abu Biyariq, circa 18.5 km (11.5 mi) south
Girumu, Ishan Khilala, Tell Barghuthiat, circa 14.9 km (9.2 mi) south-east
Karunah, circa 19.2 km (11.9 mi) south-east
Ishan Abu Qabr, circa 18.1 km (11.2 mi) south-east
Tell Deheb, circa 33.7 km (20.9 mi) north
Ishan Abu Hatab, circa 23.7 km (14.7 mi) south-east
Ctesiphon, Taq Kisra, circa 35.6 km (22.1 mi) north
Kish 2, Mounds Z and T, Tell al-Uhaymir, circa 26.6 km (16.5 mi) south
Kish 1, Mounds A to H, and V, Tell Ingharra and Tell Bandar, circa 27.4 km (17 mi) south
Subkhayet el-Bezel, Abu Dihin, circa 31.1 km (19.3 mi) south-west
Tulul Mahasin, circa 31.7 km (19.7 mi) north-west
Seleukia, Tell Umar, circa 41.5 km (25.8 mi) north-west
Babylon, Bab Ilu, Nunki, circa 35.3 km (22 mi) south-west
Tel Omar Theatre, circa 37.8 km (23.5 mi) north-west
Akkad, Agade, circa 32.2 km (20 mi) west
Tell Ishaqi I, circa 44.2 km (27.4 mi) north-west
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