Choga Mami overview
Modern name(s) Choga Mami
Region Mesopotamia
Section Upper Mesopotamia
Latitude 33.88305934 N suggest info
Longitude 45.45011118 E
Status Accurate location
general info
A settlement site of the Samarra culture in eastern Iraq with radiocarbon dates of the late 6th millennium BC. There are several occupation phases from the Samarran to the Ubaid culture. cattle, sheep, and goats were raised and wheat, barley, and flax cultivated with the aid of irrigation. The site has buildings of mud-brick; houses were rectangular and had ranges of rooms, in two or three rows. A mud-brick tower guarded the entrance to the settlement. Artifacts include Samarran painted pottery and elaborate female figurines of clay.
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33.883059, 45.450111 === 33.883059 N, 45.450111 E === 33° 52' 59.0" N, 45° 27' 0.4" E
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Nearest sites Tulul Faridishad, circa 30.9 km (19.2 mi) west
Awal, Tell es-Suleimeh, circa 45 km (28 mi) north-west
Me Turnat, Tulul Baradan, Es-Sib, Haddad, circa 49.8 km (31 mi) north-west
Gilan Gharbi, circa 52 km (32.3 mi) north-east
Tell Yelkhi, circa 60.9 km (37.9 mi) north-west
Ali Pasha, circa 65 km (40.4 mi) north-west
Tell Abedeh, circa 83.9 km (52.1 mi) north
Tell Agrab, circa 80.7 km (50.1 mi) south-west
Der, Tell Aqar, circa 95.5 km (59.3 mi) south-east
Eshnunna, Tell Asmar, circa 80.1 km (49.8 mi) south-west
Tell es-Saad, circa 87.6 km (54.4 mi) west
Tell el-Halfayah, circa 91.4 km (56.8 mi) west
Tell Bismaya, circa 106.5 km (66.2 mi) south-west
Nerebtum, Tell Ishchali, circa 102.9 km (64 mi) south-west
Tutub, Tell Khafajah, circa 101.5 km (63.1 mi) south-west
Tell Abu Dibis, circa 110.2 km (68.5 mi) south
Tell Rishad, circa 110.4 km (68.6 mi) south-west
Gerd-i Resh, circa 161.4 km (100.3 mi) north
Ishan Angur Zuraybah, circa 134.9 km (83.8 mi) south-west
Ctesiphon, Taq Kisra, circa 119.2 km (74.1 mi) south-west
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