Mistikawy Cave overview
Modern name(s) Mistikawy Cave
Region Africa
Section Sahara
Latitude 23.65932825 N suggest info
Longitude 25.16674082 E
Status Imprecise
Info Discovered by Ahmed Al-Mistikawy is the senior guide of Zarzora Expedition in 2002, the rock-art site of Mistikawy Cave, in northwest Gilf Kebir, is yet to be studied. Due to its remoteness, the site, like several other prehistoric remains, has been visited by only few hundreds of people. Most of those were tourists with general interest in rock-art. however, systematic examination requires sincere efforts, well-fitted logistics and precious time. Zarzora Expedition has led several trips to the area and recently began to document the drawings and look for other, believed to exist, Neolithic shelters.
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23.659328, 25.166741 === 23.659328 N, 25.166741 E === 23° 39' 33.6" N, 25° 10' 0.3" E
Zarzora Expedition
Expeditions organizers in Egypt.
Nearest sites Cave of Swimmers, circa 9.6 km (6 mi) south-east
Gebel Kamil crater, circa 205.4 km (127.6 mi) south-east
Arkenu, circa 225 km (139.8 mi) south-west
Temple at Deir el-Hagar, circa 430.7 km (267.6 mi) north-east
Bedkholo, Deir Abu Matta, circa 437.8 km (272 mi) north-east
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