Seuthopolis mound overview
Other name(s) Kosmatka
Modern name(s) Shipka
Region Europe
Section Balkans
Latitude 42.70006469 N suggest info
Longitude 25.33348805 E
Status Accurate location
Info Monument of the Thracian civilization in the Valley of the Thracian Kings, which is the heroon (a temple-tomb of a hero of royal status) of Seuthes III
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42.700065, 25.333488 === 42.700065 N, 25.333488 E === 42° 42' 0.2" N, 25° 20' 0.6" E
Seuthopolis National Initiative
Seuthopolis, the city of the Thracian king Seuthes III, and the capital of the ancient state of Odrissia was discovered and explored from 1948 to 1954 during the construction of the Koprinca dam. Unfortunately, after the dam was filled with water the first and the best preserved Thracian city in modern Bulgaria remained on the bottom of the artificial lake. This mistake, from the times of historical and national nihilism, can be corrected today and Seuthopolis can be returned into the treasure house of world cultural heritage.
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Main site Seuthopolis, circa 9.5 km (5.9 mi) south
Related sites Seuthopolis mound, circa 167 m (183 yd) east
Seuthopolis mound, Griffins, circa 1096 m (1198 yd) north-east
Seuthopolis mound, Helvetia, circa 1216 m (1330 yd) north-east
Seuthopolis mound, Shushmanets, circa 1478 m (1616 yd) north-east
Seuthopolis mound, Ostrusha, circa 1.8 km (1988 yd) south-east
Seuthopolis mound, Golyama Arsenalka, circa 2 km (2160 yd) west
Seuthopolis mound, circa 3 km (1.9 mi) west
Seuthopolis mound, circa 6.1 km (3.8 mi) south-east
Seuthopolis mound, circa 9.7 km (6 mi) south
Seuthopolis mound, Kazanlak, circa 9.9 km (6.1 mi) south-east
Buzovdrad megalithic formation, circa 14.8 km (9.2 mi) south
Nearest sites Nicopolis ad Istrum, circa 61.8 km (38.4 mi) north-east
Melta, circa 69.2 km (43 mi) north-west
Nebet Tepe, Plovdiv, circa 77.5 km (48.1 mi) south-west
Taksim Tepe, Plovdiv, circa 77.9 km (48.4 mi) south-west
Dzhambas Tepe, Plovdiv, circa 77.9 km (48.4 mi) south-west
Philippopolis, Pulpudeva, Trimontium, Eumolpias, P'ldin, Pl'pdiv, Ploudin, Filibe, Plovdiv, circa 78 km (48.5 mi) south-west
Sahat Tepe, Plovdiv, circa 78.3 km (48.6 mi) south-west
Bunardzhik, Plovdiv, circa 78.8 km (49 mi) south-west
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