Teyuna overview
Other name(s) Ciudad Perdida
Region Latin America : Settlements
Section South America
Latitude 11.03810421 N suggest info
Longitude 73.92525494 W
Status Accurate location
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11.038104, -73.925255 === 11.038104 N, 73.925255 W === 11° 2' 17.2" N, 73° 55' 30.9" W
This site is an extensive compendium of documentaries, in the form of interactive Google Maps on Historic and Scientific Events. In a sense it is a library of maps that allow you to do much more than just watch and read. You get to digitally experience the event by finding and zooming in on the locations you read about in the related eBooks. You get to follow the explorer from location marker to location marker on almost a day-by-day basis. You get to see up close the actual ancient ruins, forts, and pyramids. Many of the maps have Google Earth KML files that enable you to digitally walk the map in 3D and experience the exploration for yourself.
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Nearest site Taima Taima, circa 482.9 km (300 mi) east
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