Aguateca overview
Region Latin America : Settlements
Section Mesoamerica
Latitude 16.41171499 N suggest info
Longitude 90.19116461 W
Status Accurate location
Info Aguateca and the nearby city of Dos Pilas were the twin capitals of a powerful dynasty claiming descent from the rulers of Tikal. Around 700 CE, it appears that Dos Pilas Rulers 3 and 4 were responsible for shifting the focus of the dynasty from Dos Pilas to Aguateca, as can be determined from stelas and monuments. In 761 CE, the rulers of Dos Pilas appear to have abandoned their city and relocated to Aguateca. Aguateca became a large, densely populated city, with a higher density of structures than most other lowland Maya sites. It is possible that the population of Aguateca migrated from the Pasion region, but it is likely there was a large population from other regions as well. The influx of people was probably as a result of the political influence of the dynasty. The development of a new center requires a substantial labor force to construct temples, palaces, and a causeway. For the royal family and elites securing a controllable population was essential.
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16.411715, -90.191165 === 16.411715 N, 90.191165 W === 16° 24' 42.2" N, 90° 11' 28.2" W
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Nearest sites Edzna, circa 354.2 km (220.1 mi) north
Cahokia, circa 2474 km (1537.3 mi) north
Chactún, circa 375.9 km (233.5 mi) north
Seibal, El Ceibal, circa 17.7 km (11 mi) north-east
Nodena, circa 2128.6 km (1322.6 mi) north
El Mirador, circa 152 km (94.5 mi) north
Nakbe, Nacbe, circa 144.9 km (90 mi) north
Kaminaljuyu, circa 201.5 km (125.2 mi) south
Calakmul, circa 192.8 km (119.8 mi) north
Pyramid at Calakmul, Structure II, circa 192.6 km (119.7 mi) north
Hochob, circa 336.1 km (208.9 mi) north
Uxmal, circa 441.4 km (274.3 mi) north
Mixco Viejo, circa 178.5 km (110.9 mi) south
Temple at Tazumal, circa 276.1 km (171.5 mi) south
Kabah, circa 430.5 km (267.5 mi) north
Uaxactun, circa 124.3 km (77.2 mi) north-east
Tikal, circa 108.4 km (67.4 mi) north-east
Xlapak, circa 422.9 km (262.8 mi) north
Chicanná, circa 244.7 km (152 mi) north
Becán, circa 246.5 km (153.1 mi) north
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