Nishapur overview
Other name(s) Neyshaboor, Shahre Ghadim, Qohandez
Modern name(s) Teppeh Alp Arslan
Region Asia : Central Asia
Latitude 36.17086459 N suggest info
Longitude 58.84718187 E
Status Accurate location
Info Citadel site of the vast city.
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36.170865, 58.847182 === 36.170865 N, 58.847182 E === 36° 10' 15.1" N, 58° 50' 49.9" E
University of Uppsala
The Department of Linguistics and Philology is a part of the Faculty of Languages, and therefore within the Disciplinary Domain of Humanities and Social Sciences. It is responsible for research and education in African and Asian languages and cultures, the European classical languages, as well as linguistics and computational linguistics.
Olof Pedersén
Professor in Assyriology. His research has treated different central aspects of the use of written documentation within the older cultures in the Ancient Near East and the relation between the written and the material historical evidence.
Nearest sites Susia, Toos, Tus, circa 69.1 km (42.9 mi) north-east
Namazga Tepe, circa 149.8 km (93.1 mi) north-east
Ulug Depe, circa 151.9 km (94.4 mi) north-east
Altyndepe, circa 161.1 km (100.1 mi) north-east
Apauarktike, Abivard, Bivard, Dargaz, circa 166.9 km (103.7 mi) north-east
Annau, circa 193.7 km (120.4 mi) north
Nisa, Parthaunisa, circa 205.9 km (127.9 mi) north
Taban, Toon, Tun, Ferdos, Ferdows, circa 248.8 km (154.6 mi) south
Haroba koshuk, circa 337.9 km (210 mi) north-east
Tepe Bazgir, circa 339.6 km (211 mi) west
Alexandria, Antiochia ton Margiana, Merv, circa 340.4 km (211.5 mi) north-east
Emamshahr, Shahrud, circa 348.9 km (216.8 mi) west
Sumbar, circa 357 km (221.8 mi) north-west
Gonur Tepe, circa 362.5 km (225.3 mi) north-east
Alexandrian in Aria, Artacoana, Herat, circa 365.1 km (226.9 mi) south-east
Tureng Tepe, circa 390 km (242.3 mi) west
Turan Teppe, circa 392.9 km (244.2 mi) west
Tepe Hissar, circa 400.6 km (248.9 mi) west
Qala Khandan Teppe, circa 402.4 km (250.1 mi) west
Shah Tepe, circa 410.5 km (255.1 mi) west
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