Zeyve Höyük overview
Other name(s) Porsuk-Ulukisla
Modern name(s) Zeyve Höyük
Region Anatolia
Latitude 37.51468337 N suggest info
Longitude 34.58098344 E
Status Accurate location
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37.514683, 34.580983 === 37.514683 N, 34.580983 E === 37° 30' 52.9" N, 34° 34' 51.5" E
University of Uppsala
The Department of Linguistics and Philology is a part of the Faculty of Languages, and therefore within the Disciplinary Domain of Humanities and Social Sciences. It is responsible for research and education in African and Asian languages and cultures, the European classical languages, as well as linguistics and computational linguistics.
Olof Pedersén
Professor in Assyriology. His research has treated different central aspects of the use of written documentation within the older cultures in the Ancient Near East and the relation between the written and the material historical evidence.
Nearest sites Tuwanuwa, Tuhanam, Tyana, Kemerhisar, circa 34.6 km (21.5 mi) north
Hupishna, Hubushnu, Kybistra, Karahüyük, circa 35.3 km (21.9 mi) north-west
Ivriz, Aydinkent, circa 37.9 km (23.5 mi) west
Tarsus - Gözlükule, circa 72.5 km (45 mi) south-east
Zephyrion, Hadrianopolis, Mersin, circa 79.4 km (49.3 mi) south
Göllüdagi, circa 82.9 km (51.5 mi) north
Tarsa, Tarsos, Tarsus, Tarsisi, Antiochia ad Cydnum, Juliopolis, Darson, Tarson, circa 71.9 km (44.7 mi) south-east
Kiledere Höyük, circa 87.2 km (54.2 mi) north
Asikli Höyük, Kizilkaya, circa 97.8 km (60.8 mi) north-west
Güvercinkayasi Höyügü, circa 103.6 km (64.4 mi) north-west
Adana, circa 89 km (55.3 mi) south-east
Elauissa-sebaste, circa 120.2 km (74.7 mi) south
Ambar Höyük, Ambar Köyü, circa 83.9 km (52.1 mi) west
Acemhöyük, Yesilova Kasabasi, circa 119.4 km (74.2 mi) north-west
Diocaesarea, Orba, Ourba, Ourbanopolis, Oura, circa 119.1 km (74 mi) south-west
Seleukia, Silifke Kalesi, circa 139.7 km (86.8 mi) south-west
Derbe, Kerti Hüyük, circa 109.2 km (67.9 mi) west
Flavias, Flaviopolis, Sission, Sis, Kozan, circa 108.7 km (67.6 mi) east
Sirkeli Höyük, circa 117.6 km (73.1 mi) south-east
Kilise Tepe, circa 144.9 km (90 mi) south-west
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