Augustomagus overview
Other name(s) Civitas Silvanectium
Modern name(s) Senlis
Region Europe
Section Western Europe
Latitude 49.20536113 N suggest info
Longitude 2.57556859 E
Status Accurate location
Info The town was known in early Roman imperial times as Augustomagus and later as Civitas Silvanectium ("City of the Silvanectes"). During the 3rd century CE, a seven-meter high defensive wall, about half of which still exists, was erected around the settlement in response to Frankish incursions. The wall remained in use into the 13th century. The town also featured a Roman amphitheatre, the remains of which are still visible, about 500 m west of the walled town. The amphitheatre seated as many as 10,000 people and was used for public meetings, theatre, gladiatorial combats, and animal hunts.
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49.205361, 2.575569 === 49.205361 N, 2.575569 E === 49° 12' 19.3" N, 2° 34' 32.0" E
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Nearest sites Lutetia, Paris, circa 42.4 km (26.3 mi) south-west
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Iuliobona, Lillebonne, circa 151.7 km (94.3 mi) west
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Noviodunum Biturigum, Neung-sur-Beuvron, circa 194.4 km (120.8 mi) south-west
Nasium, Naix-aux-Forges, circa 215 km (133.6 mi) east
Namurcensum?, Namur, circa 215.4 km (133.8 mi) north-east
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