Vatluna overview
Other name(s) Vetulonium
Modern name(s) Vetulonia
Region Mediterranean
Section Italia
Latitude 42.86013888 N suggest info
Longitude 10.9697777 E
Status Accurate location
Info Vetulonia has Etruscan origins. Dionysius of Halicarnassus places the city within the Latin alliance against Rome in the seventh century BCE. According to Silius Italicus, the Romans adopted their magisterial insignia, the Lictors' rods and fasces and the curule seat, from Vetulonia; in 1898, a tomb in the necropolis was discovered with a bundle of iron rods with a double-headed axe in the centre, and soon afterwards, a grave stela inscribed for Avele Feluske was discovered, on which the fasces were pictured. Pliny the Elder and Ptolemy also cite the town. The rich votive furnishing from the two extensive necropoleis attest to the importance of Vetulonia's elite.

The so called Mura dell'Arce (cyclopean walls) date probably from the 6th-5th century BCE, and aerial photography has revealed further stretches, which show the political and commercial importance of Vetulonia, which was famous for its goldsmiths. Under the Roman Empire, however, it shrank to a secondary center, with the northward spread of malaria.
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42.860139, 10.969778 === 42.860139 N, 10.969778 E === 42° 51' 36.5" N, 10° 58' 11.2" E
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