Tutub overview
Modern name(s) Tell Khafajah
Region Mesopotamia
Section Lower Mesopotamia
Latitude 33.35464123 N suggest info
Longitude 44.55581217 E
Status Accurate location
Info Occupied during the Early Dynastic Period, through the Sargonid Period, then came under the control of Eshnunna after the fall of the Ur III Empire. Later, after Eshnunna was captured by Babylon, a fort was built at the site by Samsu-iluna of the First Babylonian Dynasty and named Dur-Samsuiluna. The history of Tutub is known in somewhat more detail for a period of several decades as a result of the discovery of 112 tablets (one now lost) in a temple of Sin. The tablets constitute part of an official archive and include mostly loan and legal documents.

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Oriental Institute, University of Chicago, 1930's
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33.354641, 44.555812 === 33.354641 N, 44.555812 E === 33° 21' 16.7" N, 44° 33' 20.9" E
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Nearest sites Nerebtum, Tell Ishchali, circa 6.3 km (3.9 mi) south-east
Zaralulu, Tell al Dhibai, circa 7.7 km (4.8 mi) south-west
Shaduppum, Tell Harmal, circa 9.7 km (6 mi) south-west
Diniktum, Tell Muhammad, circa 10.1 km (6.3 mi) south-west
Tell Rishad, circa 13.1 km (8.1 mi) south
Tell Bismaya, circa 14 km (8.7 mi) south
Seleukia, Tell Umar, circa 24.8 km (15.4 mi) south
Ctesiphon, Taq Kisra, circa 29.1 km (18.1 mi) south
Eshnunna, Tell Asmar, circa 21.6 km (13.4 mi) north-east
Tell Deheb, circa 31 km (19.3 mi) south
Tell el-Halfayah, circa 26.8 km (16.7 mi) north
Tel Omar Theatre, circa 28.3 km (17.6 mi) south
Tell Aswad, circa 26.4 km (16.4 mi) south-west
Tell Ishaqi I, circa 35.6 km (22.1 mi) south-west
Tell Ishaqi II, circa 35.6 km (22.1 mi) south-west
Tell Hadari, circa 36.5 km (22.7 mi) south-west
Tulul Mahasin, circa 45.3 km (28.1 mi) south
Sippar-Amnanum, Tell ed-Der, circa 37.1 km (23 mi) south-west
Tell Agrab, circa 29.7 km (18.4 mi) east
Tell es-Saad, circa 35.9 km (22.3 mi) north
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