Euhemereia overview
Other name(s) Eufemeria
Modern name(s) Dayr al-Banat
Region Egypt : Settlements
Section Faiyum
Latitude 29.37367493 N suggest info
Longitude 30.54304382 E
Status Accurate location
Info Remains of this Graeco-Roman town include houses, a temple, granaries and two baths. The temple has been dated to the end of the first century BC to the beginning of the first century AD and was dedicated to Sobek and Isis. As in many other Graeco-Roman and Coptic sites in the Fayyum, several important finds of papyri have been made here, shedding light on the date and history of the town and its inhabitants.

Today, only a few eroded mudbrick features and the remains of the two baths could be distinguished. The site is being threatened by the surrounding agricultural activities that are encroaching onto the site. The effects of the high water table and irrigation are visible not only along the borders of the site, but also within it. Dirt roads cross the site and it needs to be properly fenced off to protect it from further damage.
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29.373675, 30.543044 === 29.373675 N, 30.543044 E === 29° 22' 25.2" N, 30° 32' 35.0" E
Egypt Exploration Society
The Egypt Exploration Society funds and supports archaeological fieldwork and research in Egypt. The Society is the UK's oldest independent funding body in the field of Egyptology, and continues to carry out ground-breaking research in Egypt at sites including Kom el-Daba, Quesna and Tell Basta and the ancient capitals of Memphis and Thebes.
Nearest sites Philoteris, circa 7.4 km (4.6 mi) west
Dionysias, Qasr Qarun, circa 12.5 km (7.8 mi) west
Dja, Narmouthis, Medinet Madi, circa 22.2 km (13.8 mi) south-east
Soknopaiou Nesos, Dimai, circa 21.7 km (13.5 mi) north-east
Kerkeosiris, Al Gharq Qebli, circa 30.1 km (18.7 mi) south-east
Tebtunis, circa 36.4 km (22.6 mi) south-east
Hatwaret, Crocodilopolis, Hawara, circa 36.4 km (22.6 mi) east
Pyramid of Amenemhat 3 (B), circa 36.2 km (22.5 mi) east
Pyramid of Amenemhat 3 (B), Labyrinth, circa 36.3 km (22.5 mi) east
Karanis, Kom Aushim, circa 38.4 km (23.9 mi) east
Kom Medinet Gurob, Ghurab, circa 43.9 km (27.3 mi) south-east
Pyramid of Senusret 2, circa 44.2 km (27.5 mi) east
Queen's pyramid of Senusret 2, circa 44.2 km (27.5 mi) east
Kahun, El-Lahun, circa 45.4 km (28.2 mi) east
Hat-nen-nesu, Heracleopolis, Ehnasya, Ehnas, Ihnasiya Umm al-Kimam, circa 49.7 km (30.9 mi) south-east
Wadi al Hitan, Valley of the Whales, circa 51.9 km (32.3 mi) west
Bacchias, Kom Umm el-Atl, circa 48.8 km (30.3 mi) east
Pyramid at Seila, Step-pyramid, circa 49.5 km (30.7 mi) east
Western tombs field, circa 58.9 km (36.6 mi) east
Pyramid of Snefru (A), Collapsed Pyramid, Meidum, circa 59.5 km (37 mi) east
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