Korakesion overview
Other name(s) Coracesium
Modern name(s) Alanya
Region Anatolia
Latitude 36.53345449 N suggest info
Longitude 31.99366269 E
Status Accurate location
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36.533454, 31.993663 === 36.533454 N, 31.993663 E === 36° 32' 0.4" N, 31° 59' 37.2" E
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Daniel DeGroff
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Nearest sites Syedra, circa 16.9 km (10.5 mi) south-east
Iotape, circa 32.2 km (20 mi) south-east
Selinus, Cenotaph of Trajan, circa 40 km (24.8 mi) south-east
Nephelis, circa 52.9 km (32.9 mi) south-east
Direvli-Kalesi, circa 56.8 km (35.3 mi) south-east
Side, circa 59.7 km (37.1 mi) west
Lyrbe, Seleucia, circa 59.7 km (37.1 mi) north-west
Etenna, circa 71.2 km (44.2 mi) north-west
Aspendos, circa 86.2 km (53.5 mi) north-west
Anemourion, Anamur, circa 92.1 km (57.3 mi) south-east
Kanal Höyük, circa 97.8 km (60.8 mi) north
Sallawassi, Sillyon, Syllaeum, circa 102.9 km (64 mi) north-west
Seydisehir Höyük, circa 104.5 km (64.9 mi) north
Selge, circa 109.2 km (67.9 mi) north-west
Perga, Pamphylia, circa 112.2 km (69.7 mi) west
Attalia, Antalya, circa 121.6 km (75.5 mi) west
Alahan Manastiri, circa 124.5 km (77.3 mi) east
Bektemir Höyügü, circa 126.8 km (78.8 mi) north
Lystra, Klistra, circa 127.3 km (79.1 mi) north
Phaselis, circa 128.8 km (80 mi) west
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