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Region North America : Sites+Landmarks
Section Pueblo
Latitude 34.45034621 N suggest info
Longitude 106.37534419 W
Status Accurate location
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34.450346, -106.375344 === 34.450346 N, 106.375344 W === 34° 27' 1.2" N, 106° 22' 31.2" W
Pennsylvania State University
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Department of Anthropology
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Dean R. Snow
Professor of Anthropology.

Dr. Snow is an archaeologist who specializes in ethnohistoric and demographic problems. In recent years his work has led him into Geographic Information Systems (GIS) approaches to these issues. He has conducted research in Mexico and in the northeastern region of North America, where his work on the Iroquois is particularly well known. His current research includes cyberinfrastructure and the development of large GIS databases designed to explore large-scale population movements over time and space. He is also currently researching the sexual dimorphism of human handprints and hand stencils in the Upper Paleolithic caves of France and Spain.
Nearest sites Adolfo Canyon, circa 262.6 km (163.2 mi) north-west
Casa Malpaís, circa 269.7 km (167.6 mi) west
Blackwater Draw, circa 280.6 km (174.4 mi) east
White House, circa 337.5 km (209.7 mi) north-west
Hovenweep, circa 406.9 km (252.9 mi) north-west
Betatakin Ruin, circa 450.7 km (280.1 mi) north-west
Wupatki, circa 470.5 km (292.4 mi) west
Naco Mammoth Kill Site, circa 475 km (295.1 mi) south-west
Lehner Mammoth-Kill Site, circa 484.9 km (301.3 mi) south-west
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