Basilica at El-Haiz overview
Other name(s) El-Hayz
Region Medieval sites
Section Early Christianity
Latitude 28.01180636 N suggest info
Longitude 28.69879142 E
Status Accurate location
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28.011806, 28.698791 === 28.011806 N, 28.698791 E === 28° ' 42.5" N, 28° 41' 55.6" E
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Main site Valley of the Golden Mummies, Ain el-Rrees, circa 461 m (504 yd) south
Nearest sites Temple of Alexander The Great, circa 38.6 km (24 mi) north
Temple of Amun at Ain el-Mouftella, circa 41 km (25.5 mi) north-east
Rock Cut Tombs at Qaret Qasr es Salim, circa 41.5 km (25.8 mi) north-east
Wadi al Hitan, Valley of the Whales, circa 189.9 km (118 mi) north-east
Chysis, Shusha, circa 195.4 km (121.4 mi) east
Tuna el-Gebel, circa 199.5 km (124 mi) east
Amphitheatre at Oxyrynchus, circa 200 km (124.3 mi) east
Per-Medjed, Oxyrhynchus, el-Bahnasa, circa 200.1 km (124.3 mi) east
Menat Khufu, Tmoone, Minya, circa 202.6 km (125.9 mi) east
Dehenet, Mernefer, Akoris, Tihna el Gabal, circa 204.6 km (127.2 mi) east
Khnum, Khemennu, Hermopolis Magna, El-Ashmunein, circa 208.4 km (129.5 mi) east
Hebenu, Kom el-Ahmar, circa 208.8 km (129.8 mi) east
Mastaba at Zawyet el-Maiyitin, circa 209.1 km (129.9 mi) east
Meir, circa 211.2 km (131.2 mi) east
Speos Artemidos, circa 213.8 km (132.9 mi) east
Beni Hasan, circa 215.2 km (133.7 mi) east
Antinoopolis, Wadi Abada, circa 215.5 km (133.9 mi) east
Cusas, Al Qusiyyah, circa 217.7 km (135.3 mi) east
el-Sheikh Sa'id, circa 218.3 km (135.6 mi) east
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