Dehloran overview
Modern name(s) Dehloran
Region Zagros, Elam, and Iran
Section Neolithic sites
Latitude 32.6945364 N suggest info
Longitude 47.32293399 E
Status Imprecise
Info Early Neolithic tell on the Deh Luran plain in lowland Khuzistan, western Iran. Excavated by Frank Hole and Kent Flannery in the 1960s, the work was innovative in successfully using a flotation unit to sample deposits for carbonized plant remains. The cultural sequence begins at about 8000 bc and runs through for about two millennia, spanning the period when farming developed in the region. In the earliest, Bus Mordeh, phase (c.8000-7000 BCE) the settlement comprised simple rectangular houses built of mud brick. The occupants lived through a combination of simple farming, hunting, and gathering. Domesticates included herded sheep and goats together with hulled barley, and emmer and einkorn wheat. The inhabitants collected a wide range of plants and also fished. In the succeeding Ali Kosh Phase (c.7000-6200 BCE) the same range of domesticates were found and some hunting and fishing still occurred, but the contribution made by wild plants decreased dramatically as the use of cultivated plants increased. The settlement was larger, with more substantial buildings. In the third, Muhammad Jaffar, phase (c.6200-5800 BCE) there were further innovations, including the introduction of pottery, and farming had become firmly established. The site appears to have been abandoned in the mid 6th millennium BCE.
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32.694536, 47.322934 === 32.694536 N, 47.322934 E === 32° 41' 40.3" N, 47° 19' 22.6" E
Nearest sites Teppe Bowla, circa 7.2 km (4.5 mi) south-west
Ali Kosh, circa 15.2 km (9.5 mi) south
Tepe Moussian, circa 16 km (9.9 mi) south
Kabr Umm et-Tuwaib, circa 70.5 km (43.8 mi) south
Tepe Guran, circa 119.9 km (74.5 mi) north
Iwan-e Karkheh, circa 85.5 km (53.1 mi) south-east
Tell Wabla, circa 113.8 km (70.7 mi) south-west
Teppe Jaffarabad, circa 96.6 km (60 mi) south-east
El-Akkar el-Kabir, circa 154.1 km (95.7 mi) south
Teppe Suleiman, circa 99.5 km (61.8 mi) south-east
Susa, Shushan, circa 104.2 km (64.7 mi) south-east
Kabnak, Haft Tepe, circa 116.5 km (72.4 mi) south-east
Abu Fanduweh, circa 114.7 km (71.3 mi) south-east
Behistun, circa 188 km (116.8 mi) north
Bugga Ishan, circa 122.2 km (75.9 mi) south-east
Deh-e Now, circa 170.8 km (106.1 mi) north-east
Chogha Bonut, circa 122.6 km (76.2 mi) east
Hupshana, Deh-i Now, Deh-e Now, circa 136.1 km (84.6 mi) south-east
Chogha Gavaneh, Eslamabad-e Gharb, circa 173.8 km (108 mi) north-west
Lagash, Tell al-Hiba, circa 166.3 km (103.3 mi) south-west
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