Alexandria overview
Other name(s) Eucratidia
Modern name(s) Ai-Khanoum
Region Asia : Central Asia
Latitude 37.16421093 N suggest info
Longitude 69.41229741 E
Status Accurate location
Info Founded in the 4th century BC, following the conquests of Alexander the Great and was one of the primary cities of the Greco-Bactrian kingdom. The city is located at the confluence of the Oxus river (today's Amu Darya) and the Kokcha river, and at the doorstep of the Indian subcontinent. Ai Khanoum was one of the focal points of Hellenism in the East for nearly two centuries, until its annihilation by nomadic invaders around 145 BCE about the time of the death of Eucratides.
general info
The site was excavated through archaeological searches by a French DAFA mission under Paul Bernard between 1964 and 1978, as well as Russian scientists. The searches had to be abandoned with the onset of the Soviet war in Afghanistan, during which the site was looted and used as a battleground, leaving very little of the original material.
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37.164211, 69.412297 === 37.164211 N, 69.412297 E === 37° 9' 51.2" N, 69° 24' 44.3" E
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Nearest sites Alchin, Imam Sahib, circa 63.3 km (39.3 mi) south-west
Drapsaka, Kunduz, circa 67.2 km (41.7 mi) south-west
Alexandria, Kapisa, Bagram, circa 228 km (141.7 mi) south
Surkh Kotal, Chashma-i Shir, circa 145.4 km (90.3 mi) south-west
Kubha, Kabura, Kabul, circa 295.9 km (183.9 mi) south
Alexandria Eschate, Alexandria Ultima, Alexandria Eskhata, circa 347.4 km (215.9 mi) north
Ahin Push Tepe, circa 321.1 km (199.5 mi) south
Tashkent, circa 461.6 km (286.8 mi) north
Bala Hisar, circa 410.9 km (255.3 mi) south
Bamiyan, Shar-i Gholghola, circa 296 km (183.9 mi) south-west
Kampyr Tepe, circa 212.7 km (132.2 mi) west
Alexandria Caucasia, Kapisa, Begram, circa 241.7 km (150.2 mi) south
Begram, circa 249.5 km (155 mi) south
Bactra, circa 227.4 km (141.3 mi) west
Bala Hisar, Pushkalavati, circa 393.8 km (244.7 mi) south-east
Samarkand, Marakanda, Afrasiab, circa 350.3 km (217.7 mi) north-west
Altin Dilyar Tepe, circa 231.4 km (143.8 mi) west
Tilla Bulak, circa 238.4 km (148.2 mi) west
Tepe Narenj, circa 297.9 km (185.1 mi) south
Nautaca, Kesh, Shahrisabz, circa 308.8 km (191.9 mi) north-west
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