Bingöl overview
Other name(s) Çabakcur
Modern name(s) Bingöl
Region Anatolia
Latitude 38.88684881 N suggest info
Longitude 40.4972223 E
Status Accurate location
Info The history goes back quite far, which is typical for this region. Bingöl successively came under the rule of various empires. It was a part of the kingdom of Urartu. The Assyrian king Assurbanipal conquered Bingöl 660 BCE. In the 7th Century BCE Bingöl became part of the Persian Empire. The Persians were replaced by the Seleucids. 60 BCE the Romans conquered the territory of the Arsacids. In 395 BCE Bingöl was part of Byzantium, who ruled here intermittently until the Arab invasion in 634 BCE.

After the Islamization of the region in the 13th Century Turkish Emirates were established. One of them was the Rum Seljuks, that conquered Bingöl in 1230 CE. In 1243 CE the Ilkhanate conquered the area after they had defeated the Rum-Seljuks. The Ilkhanate was followed by Aq Qoyunlu and subsequently by the the Safavids. The Safavids were defeated in 1515 by the Ottomans.
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38.886849, 40.497222 === 38.886849 N, 40.497222 E === 38° 53' 12.7" N, 40° 29' 50.0" E
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A web-orientated archaeological mapping and research project, founded by the late Prof. Andrew Sherratt.
Nearest sites Kökan Höyük, circa 40.9 km (25.4 mi) west
Çaytepe, circa 75.1 km (46.7 mi) south
Til Alo, circa 111.5 km (69.3 mi) south
Amida, Diyarbakir, circa 110.3 km (68.5 mi) south
Gözegöl, circa 107.6 km (66.8 mi) south-west
Kavusan Höyük, circa 119.6 km (74.3 mi) south
Boztepe, circa 118.8 km (73.8 mi) south
Hacemi Use tepe, Dunnu-sha-Uzibi, Giricano, circa 121 km (75.2 mi) south
Hakemi Use, circa 122.4 km (76.1 mi) south
Kenan Tepe, circa 120.6 km (75 mi) south
Talavash Tepe, circa 119.5 km (74.2 mi) south
Damdammusa?, Kaziktepe, circa 124.9 km (77.6 mi) south
Tushhan, Ziyaret Tepe, circa 124.3 km (77.3 mi) south
Salat Tepe, circa 121.7 km (75.6 mi) south
Çayönü, circa 100.2 km (62.2 mi) south-west
Gre Dimse, circa 124.6 km (77.4 mi) south-east
Kalhana Höyügü, circa 99.4 km (61.8 mi) south-west
Kullimeri, Gre Migro, circa 115 km (71.4 mi) south-east
Körtik Tepe, circa 126.6 km (78.6 mi) south-east
Altintepe, circa 116 km (72.1 mi) north-west
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