Qalat esh-Shmemis overview
Modern name(s) Qalat esh-Shmemis
Region Levant
Section Northern Levant
Latitude 35.03690141 N suggest info
Longitude 37.01357569 E
Status Accurate location
Info The castle Qalat Shmamis was first built, on top of an extinct volcano, in the 1st century BCE by Sampsiceramus I, the first Priest King of the Royal family of Emesa. Most of the original structure was subsequently destroyed by an earthquake. It was later destroyed by the Persian king Khosrau II in 613 CE. It was rebuilt in 1229 CE by Assad ud-Din Shirkoh, an Ayyubid governor of Homs. However, the Mongols destroyed it in 1260 CE and then by the Tatars in 1401 CE. It was rebuilt after the expulsion of the Mongols and Tatars from Syria.
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35.036901, 37.013576 === 35.036901 N, 37.013576 E === 35° 2' 12.8" N, 37° ' 48.9" E
University of Uppsala
The Department of Linguistics and Philology is a part of the Faculty of Languages, and therefore within the Disciplinary Domain of Humanities and Social Sciences. It is responsible for research and education in African and Asian languages and cultures, the European classical languages, as well as linguistics and computational linguistics.
Olof Pedersén
Professor in Assyriology. His research has treated different central aspects of the use of written documentation within the older cultures in the Ancient Near East and the relation between the written and the material historical evidence.
Nearest sites Er-Rubba, circa 11 km (6.8 mi) north
Qatna, Tell Mishrifeh, circa 26.2 km (16.3 mi) south-west
Tunip, circa 25.4 km (15.8 mi) south-west
Hamath, Epiphania, Hama, circa 26.5 km (16.5 mi) west
Tall al Abadi, Tell el-Ibadi, circa 31.5 km (19.6 mi) north-west
Tell el-Kalaiya, circa 37.4 km (23.2 mi) south-west
Emesa, Hamath-zobah?, Hims, circa 44.3 km (27.5 mi) south-west
Sezar, Senzar, Sidzara, Larissa, Sezer, Qalat Shaizar, Saijar, circa 48 km (29.8 mi) north-west
Ayoun, circa 51.7 km (32.1 mi) north-west
Tell Sikkin Qaade, circa 54.4 km (33.8 mi) west
Ash Shaykh Barakah, circa 58.2 km (36.1 mi) north
Ar, circa 58.4 km (36.3 mi) north-west
Hish, circa 65.5 km (40.7 mi) north-west
Tell Sheirat, Shayrat, circa 61.3 km (38.1 mi) south
Hannjour, circa 52.1 km (32.4 mi) west
El-Khatre, circa 78.8 km (49 mi) north
Sadad, Zedad, circa 80.9 km (50.3 mi) south
Qadesh, Laodicea ad Libanum, circa 69.9 km (43.4 mi) south-west
Al-Rawda, circa 58.6 km (36.4 mi) east
Tell Hzairin, circa 75.7 km (47.1 mi) north-west
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