Oboda overview
Other name(s) Avdat
Region Levant
Section Southern Levant
Latitude 30.79439669 N suggest info
Longitude 34.7748869 E
Status Accurate location
Info The remains of a Nabateans road station for their caravans, is located on a mountain in the center of the Negev Desert on the road from Petra and Eilat.

Avdat (in Greek: Oboda) was a seasonal camping ground for Nabataean caravans travelling along the early Petra - Gaza road (the Darb es-Sultan) in the 3rd - late 2nd c. BCE. The town was Avdat was founded at the site in the late 1st century BCE and named after the Nabatean King Obodas who was revered as a deity and, according to tradition, was buried there (hence the name in Arabic: Abdah). Before the end of the 1st c. BCE a temple platform (the acropolis) was created along the western edge of the plataeu. Recent excavations have shown that the town continued to be inhabited by the Nabataeans continiously from this period until its destruction by earthquake in the early seventh c. CE.
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30.794397, 34.774887 === 30.794397 N, 34.774887 E === 30° 47' 39.8" N, 34° 46' 29.6" E
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Nearest sites Sobota, Zephath, Shivta, circa 16.8 km (10.4 mi) north-west
Elusa, Halutsa, circa 35.5 km (22.1 mi) north
Kadesh Barnea, circa 29.4 km (18.3 mi) west
Mamshit, Memphis, circa 37.7 km (23.4 mi) north-east
Nessana, Nitsana, circa 33.9 km (21.1 mi) west
Aroer, circa 44.2 km (27.5 mi) north-east
Beersheba, circa 50.5 km (31.4 mi) north
Tamar, Hatzeva, Ir Ovot, circa 44.9 km (27.9 mi) east
Ziglag, Tell Halif, Tell Khuweilifeh, circa 66 km (41 mi) north
Beth-Pelet, Tell el-Farah South, circa 61 km (37.9 mi) north-west
Gerar, Tel Haror, circa 67.2 km (41.8 mi) north
Arad Rabbah, Tell Arad, circa 63.6 km (39.5 mi) north-east
Debir, Kiriath-Sepher, Kiriath-Sannah, ad-Dhahiriya, az-Zahiriya, circa 71.2 km (44.3 mi) north
Tell Beit Mersim, circa 74.7 km (46.4 mi) north
Tell Nagila, circa 78.8 km (48.9 mi) north
Tel Gamma, Tell Jemmeh, circa 73 km (45.4 mi) north-west
Kuntillet Ajrud, circa 75 km (46.6 mi) south-west
Eglon, Tell el-Hesi, circa 83.9 km (52.1 mi) north
Adoraim, Adora, Dura, circa 82.7 km (51.4 mi) north
Lakisha, Lakisu, Lachish, Tell ed-Duwer, circa 86 km (53.5 mi) north
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