Tell el-Husn overview
Modern name(s) Tell el-Husn
Region Levant
Section Southern Levant
Latitude 32.49072606 N suggest info
Longitude 35.8800135 E
Status Confirmation for location pending
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32.490726, 35.880014 === 32.490726 N, 35.880014 E === 32° 29' 26.6" N, 35° 52' 48.0" E
University of Uppsala
The Department of Linguistics and Philology is a part of the Faculty of Languages, and therefore within the Disciplinary Domain of Humanities and Social Sciences. It is responsible for research and education in African and Asian languages and cultures, the European classical languages, as well as linguistics and computational linguistics.
Olof Pedersén
Professor in Assyriology. His research has treated different central aspects of the use of written documentation within the older cultures in the Ancient Near East and the relation between the written and the material historical evidence.
Nearest sites Juhfiyeh, Johfiyeh, circa 5.6 km (3.5 mi) west
Arbela, Beth Arbel, circa 8.2 km (5.1 mi) north-west
Tell Umm el-Juren, circa 12.9 km (8 mi) north-east
Sennabris, Ginnabris, Sinn-en-Nabra, Philoteria, Khirbet Kerak, Tel Bet Yerah, circa 38.1 km (23.7 mi) north-west
Gilgal Refaim, Rujm el-Hiri, circa 47 km (29.2 mi) north
Sepphoris lower city, Dioceserea, Saffuriya, Tzippori, circa 63.1 km (39.2 mi) north-west
Sepphoris upper city, Dioceserea, Saffuriya, Tzippori, circa 63.4 km (39.4 mi) north-west
Shechem, Tell Balata, circa 64.1 km (39.8 mi) south-west
Shechem, Mabartha, Mamorpha, Flavia Neapolis, Nablus, circa 65.2 km (40.5 mi) south-west
Tell Jawa, circa 70.6 km (43.9 mi) south
Teleilat el-Ghassul, Tulaylat al-Ghassul, circa 73.5 km (45.7 mi) south
Shiloh, Tel Shilo, Khirbet Seilun, circa 73.6 km (45.7 mi) south-west
Sodom, Tell el-Hammam, circa 74.8 km (46.5 mi) south
Tell esh-Shaar, circa 76.1 km (47.3 mi) north
Moza, Mozah, Ammaous, Kolonia, Tel Motza, circa 102.8 km (63.9 mi) south-west
Tell Jawa, circa 106.9 km (66.4 mi) east
Barkousa, Iustinianoupolis, Burqush, circa 110.6 km (68.7 mi) north
Ghassulian shrine at En-Gedi, circa 122.8 km (76.3 mi) south-west
Synagogue at En-Gedi, circa 123.3 km (76.6 mi) south-west
Betthorus, circa 139.4 km (86.6 mi) south
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