Atahualpa's tomb overview
Modern name(s) Atahualpa's tomb
Region Latin America : Sites+Landmarks
Section Inca
Latitude 0.77261 S suggest info
Longitude 79.04218106 W
Status Accurate location
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-0.772610, -79.042181 === 0.772610 S, 79.042181 W === ° 46' 21.4" S, 79° 2' 31.9" W
Aerial Digital Archaeological & Preservation Research Group
In the world of archaeology, exploration, discoveries and surveys always preceed the excavation, analysis and preservation work. Our mission is to explore remote areas and identify new archaeological sites by leveraging aerial and digital tools. By documenting potential sites, we raise public awareness and support scientists and local authorities in their respective missions to ensure the protection and preservation of the global archaeological heritage.
To achieve our goals, the actions led by the Aerial Digital Archaeology & Preservation (ADAP) research group consist in:
- Exploring remote areas,
- Discovering new archaeological sites,
- Monitoring protected sites,
- Training professionnal archaeologists and institutions to the use of aerial and digital archeology,
- Assisting professionnal archaeologists and institutions with data analysis.
Web Atahualpa's tomb at Aerial Digital Archaeological & Preservation Research Group
Nearest sites Catequilla, Kati Killa, circa 109.7 km (68.2 mi) north-east
Cochasquí, circa 123.3 km (76.6 mi) north-east
Upano Valley sites, circa 184.1 km (114.4 mi) south-east
Cojitambo, circa 221.6 km (137.7 mi) south
Guapondelig, Tomebamba, Tumibamba, Tumipampa, circa 237.5 km (147.5 mi) south
Morro del Tulcán, circa 449.1 km (279 mi) north-east
Tags Sites + Landmarks
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