Heraclea Lyncestis overview
Region Mediterranean
Section Adriatic
Latitude 41.01133607 N suggest info
Longitude 21.34266109 E
Status Accurate location
Info Founded by Philip II of Macedon in the middle of the 4th century BCE, after he had conquered the surrounding region of Lynkestis and incorporated it into his kingdom of Macedon. The city was named in honor of the mythological Greek hero Heracles. The epithet Lynkestis means "the Land of the Lynx" in Greek.

Heraclea was a strategically important town during the Hellenistic period, as it was at the edge of Macedon's border with Epirus to the west, and to the non-Greek world to the north, until the middle of the 2nd century BCE, when the Romans conquered Macedon and destroyed its political power. The Romans divided Macedonia into 4 regions and Heraclea was in the fourth region. The main Roman road in the area, Via Egnatia went through Heraclea, and Heraclea was an important stop. The prosperity of the city was maintained mainly due to this road. Objects discovered from the time of Roman rule in Heraclea are: Votive monuments, a portico, thermae (baths), a theatre and town walls. In the early Christian period, Heraclea was an important Episcopal seat. Some of its bishops are mentioned in synods in Serdica and other nearby towns. From this period are the ensembles of the Small and Great (Large, Big) basilica. The Grave (Funeral) basilica with a necropolis is located east of the theatre.
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41.011336, 21.342661 === 41.011336 N, 21.342661 E === 41° ' 40.8" N, 21° 20' 33.6" E
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