Taxila overview
Modern name(s) Taxila
Region Asia : India : Settlements
Latitude 33.75743141 N suggest info
Longitude 72.82952293 E
Status Accurate location
Info The ruins of Taxila contain buildings and buddhist stupas located over a large area. The main ruins of Taxila are divided into three major cities, each belonging to a distinct time period.

The oldest of these is the Hathial area, which yielded surface shards similar to burnished red wares (or 'soapy red wares') recovered from early phases at Charsadda, and may date between the 6th century BCE and the late 2nd millennium BCE. Bhir Mound dates from the 6th century BCE. The second city of Taxila is located at Sirkap and was built by Greco-Bactrian kings in the 2nd century BCE. The third and last city of Taxila is at Sirsukh and relates to the Kushan kings.

In addition to the ruins of the city, a number of buddhist monasteries and stupas also belong to the Taxila area. Some of the important ruins of this category include the ruins of the stupa at Dharmarajika, the monastery at Jaulian, the monastery at Mohra Muradu in addition to a number of stupas.
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33.757431, 72.829523 === 33.757431 N, 72.829523 E === 33° 45' 26.8" N, 72° 49' 46.3" E
Nearest sites Bhir, circa 1.8 km (1950 yd) south-west
Bala Hisar, Pushkalavati, circa 110.6 km (68.7 mi) west
Hadda, Ada, circa 227.7 km (141.5 mi) west
Amarnath Cave, circa 251.8 km (156.5 mi) east
Ahin Push Tepe, circa 230.8 km (143.4 mi) west
Tomb of Jahangir, circa 274.5 km (170.6 mi) south-east
Shalimar Gardens, circa 281.8 km (175.1 mi) south-east
Mes Aynak, circa 331.2 km (205.8 mi) west
Tepe Narenj, circa 345.5 km (214.7 mi) west
Harappa, circa 347.9 km (216.1 mi) south
Alexandria Caucasia, Kapisa, Begram, circa 351 km (218.1 mi) west
Begram, circa 354.8 km (220.4 mi) west
Kashgar, Shule, Kashi, circa 695.1 km (431.9 mi) north-east
Alexandria, Eucratidia, Ai-Khanoum, circa 489.1 km (303.9 mi) north-west
Alexandria, Kapisa, Bagram, circa 362.5 km (225.3 mi) west
Kubha, Kabura, Kabul, circa 345.2 km (214.5 mi) west
Alexandria Eschate, Alexandria Ultima, Alexandria Eskhata, circa 780.1 km (484.7 mi) north-west
Drapsaka, Kunduz, circa 489.2 km (304 mi) north-west
Alchin, Imam Sahib, circa 493 km (306.4 mi) north-west
Ujjain, circa 1210.1 km (752 mi) south
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