Tepe Narenj overview
Modern name(s) Tepe Narenj
Region Medieval sites
Section Asia
Latitude 34.49207247 N suggest info
Longitude 69.18179785 E
Status Accurate location
Info Buddhist monastery
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34.492072, 69.181798 === 34.492072 N, 69.181798 E === 34° 29' 31.5" N, 69° 10' 54.5" E
International Association for the Promotion and Research of Archaeology
The International Association for the Promotion and Research of Archaeology (AIPRA) is a French organization that was founded by professional archaeologists of all disciplines (anthropology, applied topography, geology, computer graphics, palaeography, etc) who have solid on-site experience in preventive archaeology in France as well as abroad.
The objective of this association is to salvage archaeological sites abroad, to study them as well as emphasize their importance. In addition to our scientific aims the association takes upon itself to assure the training of students, as well as increasing the public’s awareness of its heritage and its cultural identity. Furthermore the association communicates its archaeological results to the scientific community, to the media and to the public.
Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien
The Museum is one of the foremost museums in the world, with rich holdings comprising artworks from seven millennia - from Ancient Egypt to the late 18th century. The collections of Renaissance and Baroque art are of particular importance.
Web Tepe Narenj at AIPRA (in French)
Tepe Narenj at exhibition documentation of Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien
Nearest sites Kubha, Kabura, Kabul, circa 2 km (2241 yd) north-east
Mes Aynak, circa 27.1 km (16.9 mi) south-east
Begram, circa 48.4 km (30.1 mi) north
Alexandria Caucasia, Kapisa, Begram, circa 56.9 km (35.3 mi) north
Alexandria, Kapisa, Bagram, circa 69.8 km (43.4 mi) north
Ahin Push Tepe, circa 116.5 km (72.4 mi) east
Hadda, Ada, circa 118.9 km (73.9 mi) east
Bala Hisar, circa 125.2 km (77.8 mi) south-west
Bamiyan, Shar-i Gholghola, circa 129.6 km (80.5 mi) west
Surkh Kotal, Chashma-i Shir, circa 179.9 km (111.8 mi) north
Bala Hisar, Pushkalavati, circa 237.4 km (147.5 mi) east
Drapsaka, Kunduz, circa 251.8 km (156.5 mi) north
Alchin, Imam Sahib, circa 257.5 km (160 mi) north
Alexandria, Eucratidia, Ai-Khanoum, circa 297.9 km (185.1 mi) north
Kafir Kot, circa 310.2 km (192.8 mi) south-east
Bactra, circa 326.4 km (202.8 mi) north-west
Bhir, circa 345.2 km (214.5 mi) east
Taxila, circa 345.5 km (214.7 mi) east
Altin Dilyar Tepe, circa 357.5 km (222.1 mi) north-west
Ahangaran, circa 377.2 km (234.4 mi) west
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