Leptis Parva overview
Other name(s) Leptis Minor
Modern name(s) Lamta
Region Mediterranean
Section Northern Africa
Latitude 35.67766835 N suggest info
Longitude 10.86692819 E
Status Accurate location
Info The town was founded as a Phoenician colony in the 8th century BCE, around the time Carthage was founded, and was a commercial city. It was a prominent city during the Phoenician period, but became a less important city during the Punic rule of the region, c. 600 BCE to 146 BCE. It was incorporated into the Roman Republic with the destruction of Carthage in 146 BCE, but gained more autonomy than it had during Punic Era. Julius Caesar used it as his base of operations in 46B CE during his winter campaign against supporters for Pompey led by Titus Labienus.
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35.677668, 10.866928 === 35.677668 N, 10.866928 E === 35° 40' 39.6" N, 10° 52' 0.9" E
Nearest sites Thapsos, Thapsus, Tapsus, Ras Dimas, circa 17.2 km (10.7 mi) east
Ruspae, Aphrodestum, El Mahdia, circa 26.3 km (16.4 mi) south-east
Hadrumetum, Hadrumentum, Adrametum, Honoriopolis, Hunericopolis, Justinianopolis, Sousse, circa 26.4 km (16.4 mi) north-west
Thysdrus, El Jem, circa 44.8 km (27.8 mi) south-west
Bararus, circa 51.9 km (32.2 mi) south
Ulissipira, circa 49.5 km (30.8 mi) north-west
Neapolis, Nabeul, circa 85.9 km (53.3 mi) north
Cululis, Theodoriana?, Aïn Djeloula, circa 97.2 km (60.4 mi) west
Thuburbo Maius, circa 118.2 km (73.4 mi) north-west
Uthina, circa 120.5 km (74.9 mi) north-west
Aggar, Henchir, Sidi Amara, circa 123.1 km (76.5 mi) west
Uthina aquaeduct, circa 125.6 km (78 mi) north-west
Kerkouane, circa 142.6 km (88.6 mi) north
Carthago, circa 139.4 km (86.6 mi) north-west
Mactaris, Maktar, Makthar, circa 151 km (93.8 mi) west
Sufetula, Sbeitla, circa 165.5 km (102.9 mi) west
Agbia, Aïn Hedja, circa 167.2 km (103.9 mi) north-west
Tubursico-Bure, Téboursouk, Tabursuq, circa 169.4 km (105.2 mi) north-west
Municipium Septimium Aurelium Liberum Thugga, Colonia Licinia Septimia Aurelia Alexandriana Thuggensis, Dougga, circa 169.8 km (105.5 mi) north-west
Municipium Aunobaritanum, Aunobaris, Saltus Udensis ?, Henchir Kern el-Kebch, circa 169.8 km (105.5 mi) north-west
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