Roussolakkos overview
Modern name(s) Palaikastro
Region Aegean
Latitude 35.19513999 N suggest info
Longitude 26.275509 E
Status Accurate location
Info The earliest written records documenting the worship of Diktaian Zeus at Roussolakkos come from the Mycenaean Greek Linear B archives at Knossos and date to the close of the Cretan Bronze Age (ca. 1300 BCE), however, sacred art and architecture dating from all periods have been found, suggesting that the site was hallowed throughout its history. Among the most beautiful artifacts attesting the worship of Diktaian Zeus is a unique gold and ivory statuette of the god made ca. 1500 BC. See this and more finds at the museum in Sitia.
general info
Roussolakkos was first excavated from 1902-6 by Robert C. Bosanquet and R. M. Dawkins of the British School of Archaeology at Athens. Work was continued by L. H. Sackett and M. R. Popham in 1962-3, and is currently directed by J.A.MacGillivray, L.H.Sackett and J.M.Driessen since 1983.

Just south of Roussolakkos is Mt Petsophas, a peak sanctuary likely to have been linked with the town. Linear A inscriptions on offering tables from Petsophas are designated as PK for Palaikastro by Godart and Olivier.
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35.195140, 26.275509 === 35.195140 N, 26.275509 E === 35° 11' 42.5" N, 26° 16' 31.8" E
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