Zakros overview
Region Aegean
Section Minoan
Latitude 35.09820351 N suggest info
Longitude 26.26139898 E
Status Accurate location
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35.098204, 26.261399 === 35.098204 N, 26.261399 E === 35° 5' 53.5" N, 26° 15' 41.0" E
Archaeological Sites of the Aegean Minoans
The Aegean Minoan 3D GIS Project was initiated in 2007 to produce a three-dimensional full-color mapping of the archaeological sites of the Minoans in the Aegean Sea area using Google Earth. It is intended to be a definitive geographical reference available to everyone. While this is an ongoing project and we are always looking to improve it, thanks to the many contributing scholars and volunteers it is by far the most comprehensive and accurate mapping of its kind.
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Nearest sites Roussolakkos, Palaikastro, circa 10.9 km (6.7 mi) north
Itanos, circa 18.4 km (11.4 mi) north
Petras, circa 17.3 km (10.7 mi) north-west
Chamaizi, circa 23.4 km (14.5 mi) west
Chamaizi, circa 24.2 km (15 mi) west
Kavousi, circa 35.8 km (22.3 mi) west
Azoria, circa 36 km (22.3 mi) west
Pseira, circa 37.5 km (23.3 mi) west
Katalimata, circa 38.8 km (24.1 mi) west
Mochlos, circa 33.7 km (21 mi) west
Vasiliki, circa 41 km (25.5 mi) west
Gournia, circa 42.6 km (26.5 mi) west
Olous, circa 51.1 km (31.7 mi) west
Lato, circa 55.8 km (34.7 mi) west
Simi, circa 69.4 km (43.1 mi) west
Karphi, Karfi, circa 73.1 km (45.4 mi) west
Myrtos-Fournou Korifi, circa 60.2 km (37.4 mi) west
Myrtos-Pyrgos, circa 61.9 km (38.5 mi) west
Mallia, circa 73.1 km (45.4 mi) west
Arkalochori cave, circa 91.2 km (56.7 mi) west
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