Lilybaeum overview
Modern name(s) Marsala
Region Mediterranean
Section Italia
Latitude 37.80352728 N suggest info
Longitude 12.42992788 E
Status Accurate location
Info Principal stronghold of the Carthaginians in Sicily, founded by Himilco in 396 BCE after the abandonment of Motya. Neither Pyrrhus nor the Romans were able to reduce it by siege, but it was surrendered to the latter in 241 BCE at the end of the First Punic War as a condition of the peace treaty. In the later wars it was a starting point for the Roman expeditions against Carthage, and under Roman rule it enjoyed considerable prosperity. It obtained municipal rights from Augustus and became a colony under either Pertinax or Septimius Severus.
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37.803527, 12.429928 === 37.803527 N, 12.429928 E === 37° 48' 12.7" N, 12° 25' 47.7" E
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Nearest sites Motya, Mozia, circa 7.5 km (4.7 mi) north-east
Inykon, Inycum, Inycus, Inico, circa 41.5 km (25.8 mi) north-east
Segesta, circa 39.3 km (24.4 mi) east
Selinus, Selinunte, circa 42.6 km (26.5 mi) south-east
Entella, circa 64 km (39.8 mi) east
Hippana, Hyppana, Monte dei Cavalli, circa 89.3 km (55.5 mi) east
Grotta Regina, circa 90.4 km (56.2 mi) north-east
Grotte dell’Addaura, Addaura cave, circa 91.4 km (56.8 mi) north-east
Heraclea Minoa, circa 87.7 km (54.5 mi) south-east
Akragas, Agrigentum, Girgenti, Agrigento, circa 116.9 km (72.6 mi) south-east
Akragas, Agrigentum, Agrigento theatre, circa 114.2 km (71 mi) south-east
Apollonia, Pollina, circa 151.9 km (94.4 mi) east
Himera, circa 123.6 km (76.8 mi) east
Herbessos, Montagna di Marzo, circa 170 km (105.6 mi) east
Kerkouane, circa 151.4 km (94.1 mi) south-west
Alontion, Aluntium, Haluntium, San Marco d'Alunzio, circa 201.3 km (125.1 mi) east
Neapolis, Nabeul, circa 214.4 km (133.3 mi) south-west
Gela, circa 181.2 km (112.6 mi) east
Hybla Gereatis, Paternò, circa 218.8 km (135.9 mi) east
Motyca, Motyke, Modica, circa 230.9 km (143.5 mi) east
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