Abdera overview
Region Mediterranean
Section Iberian peninsula
Latitude 36.75753018 N suggest info
Longitude 3.03283637 W
Status Accurate location
Info An ancient seaport town on the south coast of Spain, founded by the Carthaginians as a trading station. After a period of decline it became under the Romans one of the more important towns in the province of Hispania Baetica.

Of its coins the most ancient bear the Phoenician inscription abdrt with the head of Heracles (Melkarth) and a tunny-fish; those of Tiberius (who seems to have made the place a colonia) show the chief temple of the town with two tunny-fish erect in the form of columns.
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36.757530, -3.032836 === 36.757530 N, 3.032836 W === 36° 45' 27.1" N, 3° 1' 58.2" W
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