Acinipo overview
Modern name(s) Arunda
Region Mediterranean
Section Iberian peninsula
Latitude 36.83219731 N suggest info
Longitude 5.24051679 W
Status Accurate location
Info A city created for retired soldiers from the Roman legions. Some historians assert that Acinipo was created after the battle of Munda (45 BCE), fought between the armies of Julius Caesar and the army of Pompey's two sons, Gnaeus and Sextus. To Caesar, Munda was supposed to be a mop-up action after Pompey's main forces were defeated in Greece. But Munda was no mop-up exercise. Tens of thousands of Romans were killed on both sides; there was no decisive victory for Caesar's armies; and one of Pompey's sons, Sextus, fled to fight another day as a famous rebel pirate against Caesar's successor, Augustus.
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36.832197, -5.240517 === 36.832197 N, 5.240517 W === 36° 49' 55.9" N, 5° 14' 25.9" W
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Nearest sites Anticaria, Antiquaria, Antequera, circa 64.2 km (39.9 mi) east
Dolmen de Menga, circa 65.1 km (40.5 mi) east
Carteia, circa 73.6 km (45.7 mi) south
Gorham's Cave, circa 79.7 km (49.5 mi) south
Astigi, Colonia Iulia Augusta Firma Astigitana., Écija, circa 80.1 km (49.8 mi) north
Torre de Doña Blanca, circa 85.1 km (52.9 mi) west
Malaga, Cerro del Villar, Malaga, Cerro del Villar, circa 71.4 km (44.4 mi) east
Spal, Hispalis, Sevilla, circa 90.9 km (56.5 mi) north-west
Malaka, Malaca, Malaqah, Málaga, circa 73.9 km (45.9 mi) east
Baelo Claudia, circa 95.4 km (59.3 mi) south-west
Gadir, Agadir, Gadeira, Gades, Augusta Urbs Iulia Gaditana, Cádiz, circa 99.8 km (62 mi) west
Abyla, Ad Septem Fratres, Ceuta, circa 105.2 km (65.4 mi) south
Italica, circa 98.3 km (61.1 mi) north-west
Thingis, Tingis, Tangier, circa 127.2 km (79.1 mi) south-west
Tarshish, circa 102.2 km (63.5 mi) west
Colonia Augusta Gemella Tuccitana, Tucci, Martos, circa 149.9 km (93.2 mi) north-east
Fodinae, Minas de Riotinto, circa 153.4 km (95.3 mi) north-west
Colonia Augusti Iulia Constantia Zilil, Arzeila, Dchar Jdid, circa 157.7 km (98 mi) south-west
Regina Turdulorum, Casas de Reina, circa 164.7 km (102.4 mi) north-west
Asilah, Arzila, circa 167.8 km (104.3 mi) south-west
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