Tarbisu overview
Modern name(s) Tell Sherif Khan
Region Mesopotamia
Section Upper Mesopotamia
Latitude 36.40882297 N suggest info
Longitude 43.07747422 E
Status Accurate location
Info Tarabisu was a minor town until the control of the Assyrian Empire was moved to nearby Nineveh by Sennacherib. Two palaces were built there, one by Esarhaddon for his son and crown prince, Ashurbanipal. Two temples were found at the site, one being the temple of Nergal, constructed by Sennacherib, and added to by Ashurbanipal. One of the gates in the northwest wall of Nineveh was named for Nergal and the road from that gate to Tarbisu was paved completely in stone by Sennacherib.

Tarbisu was captured by the Medes, led by Cyaxares in the 12th year of Nabopolassar, king of Babylon and faded along with the Assyrian Empire.
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36.408823, 43.077474 === 36.408823 N, 43.077474 E === 36° 24' 31.8" N, 43° 4' 38.9" E
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Nearest sites Bash Tapia, Bashtabiya, Pashtabia, circa 7.1 km (4.4 mi) south-east
Tell Babul, circa 8.6 km (5.4 mi) east
Ninua, Niniveh, Kouyounjik, Nebi Yunis, circa 8.7 km (5.4 mi) south-east
Tell Arpachiyah, Tepe Reshwa, circa 12.5 km (7.7 mi) east
Hassuna, circa 11.9 km (7.4 mi) north-west
Yarimjah, Yaramga, Zikku?, circa 14.6 km (9.1 mi) south-east
Tell Arpachiyah, Tepe Reshwa, Tell Arpachiyah, Tepe Reshwa, circa 12.4 km (7.7 mi) east
Arpachiyah, circa 14.1 km (8.8 mi) north-west
Tell Derek, circa 15 km (9.3 mi) north-east
Dur Sharrukin, Khorsabad, circa 17.6 km (10.9 mi) north-east
Tepe Gawra, circa 19 km (11.8 mi) north-east
Tell Jira, Tell el-Jern, circa 30.9 km (19.2 mi) south
Shibaniba, Tell Billa, circa 24.5 km (15.2 mi) east
Tell Hassuna, circa 39.9 km (24.8 mi) south-east
Ger-e Pan, circa 42.7 km (26.5 mi) north
Amr Khan, Umarkan, circa 33.7 km (20.9 mi) south-east
Eil-Kushtu, Alqosh, Alqush, circa 36.4 km (22.6 mi) north
Tell el-Harim, circa 36.6 km (22.7 mi) south
Kar-Mullissi, Keramlais, circa 31.9 km (19.8 mi) east
Imgur-Enlil, Tell Balawat, circa 35.4 km (22 mi) south-east
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