Basta overview
Modern name(s) Basta
Region Levant
Section Southern Levant
Latitude 30.22737878 N suggest info
Longitude 35.53348655 E
Status Accurate location
Info Neolithic settlement overbuilt by modern village
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30.227379, 35.533487 === 30.227379 N, 35.533487 E === 30° 13' 38.6" N, 35° 32' 0.6" E
University of Uppsala
The Department of Linguistics and Philology is a part of the Faculty of Languages, and therefore within the Disciplinary Domain of Humanities and Social Sciences. It is responsible for research and education in African and Asian languages and cultures, the European classical languages, as well as linguistics and computational linguistics.
Olof Pedersén
Professor in Assyriology. His research has treated different central aspects of the use of written documentation within the older cultures in the Ancient Near East and the relation between the written and the material historical evidence.
Nearest sites Augustopolis, Udruh, Adrou, circa 12.8 km (8 mi) north-east
Rekem, Petra, Seir, circa 14.3 km (8.9 mi) north-west
Tomb of Aaron, Jebal Harun, circa 15.7 km (9.8 mi) north-west
Ba’ja, circa 21.8 km (13.6 mi) north
Mont Real, Shoubak, circa 33.9 km (21.1 mi) north
Punon, circa 44.6 km (27.7 mi) north
Khirbet en-Nahas, Ir Nahash, circa 51.3 km (31.9 mi) north
Bozrah, Gurbaal, Busaira, circa 58 km (36.1 mi) north
Sela, circa 60.2 km (37.4 mi) north
Uvda Leopard Temple, circa 62.3 km (38.7 mi) south-west
Tamar, Hatzeva, Ir Ovot, circa 70.4 km (43.7 mi) north-west
Ezion Geber, circa 71.8 km (44.6 mi) south-west
Valley of Zered, circa 80.5 km (50 mi) north-east
Aelana, Aila, Aqaba, circa 93 km (57.8 mi) south-west
Oboda, Avdat, circa 96.2 km (59.8 mi) north-west
Mamshit, Memphis, circa 99.5 km (61.8 mi) north-west
Kuntillet Ajrud, circa 107 km (66.5 mi) west
Kir of Moab, Kerak, circa 107.2 km (66.6 mi) north
Kadesh Barnea, circa 112.1 km (69.7 mi) north-west
Sobota, Zephath, Shivta, circa 112.9 km (70.2 mi) north-west
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