Adummatu overview
Modern name(s) Dumat el-Jandal
Region Arabia
Latitude 29.81134313 N suggest info
Longitude 39.86711562 E
Status Accurate location
Info The city has a history dating back to the 10th century BC and is mentioned in Akkadian inscriptions of the Assyrian empire dating to 845 BC in which it is referred to as Adummatu and is described as the capital of an Arab kingdom, sometimes named as Qedar (Qidri). The names of five powerful Arab queens that ruled this city are known, among them Zabibe, Samsi, Tabua and Te'elhunu. The latter is also given the title of high priestess of Atarsamain, a deity of fertility, love and war associated with Ishtar. Dumat al-Jundal was the site of an important temple dedicated to Ishtar.

In 106 AD, Dumatha was incorporated into the Roman Empire when the Emperor Trajan defeated the Nabataeans. Dumatha remained integral to the Limes Arabicus for over four centuries, serving as the easternmost settlement along the limes. In 269 CE, the place was mentioned by Zenobia, the Queen of Palmyra, as city with an immune fortress. After her forces had captured the city, the fortress of Marid withstood the attack in her revolt against the Romans. Later in the 5th century CE, the city became the capital of the kingdom of Kindah. In 633 CE, Khalid ibn al-Walid captured Dumat Al-Jandal and it became a part of the newly formed Islamic empire.
published 1986
Excavations made by Khaleel Ibrahim al-Muaikel added to observations made in 1976 that a homogeneus layer of Roman-Nabataean pottery sherds indicated a prosperous community during the time of the Nabataeans to whoms realm the region probably belonged.
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29.811343, 39.867116 === 29.811343 N, 39.867116 E === 29° 48' 40.8" N, 39° 52' 1.6" E
Nearest sites Tayma, circa 274.8 km (170.7 mi) south-west
Qasr Bayir, circa 323.8 km (201.2 mi) west
Hegra, Al-Hijr, Egra, Mada'in Salih, circa 384.3 km (238.8 mi) south-west
Dedan, Al-Ula, circa 402.5 km (250.1 mi) south-west
Azraq, circa 367.9 km (228.6 mi) north-west
Tell Jawa, circa 391.3 km (243.2 mi) north-west
Hindanu, Karable, Tell Jabiriyah, circa 520.7 km (323.5 mi) north
Betthorus, circa 414.5 km (257.5 mi) west
Mari, Tell Hariri, circa 535.6 km (332.8 mi) north
Anz, circa 418 km (259.8 mi) north-west
Basta, circa 419.8 km (260.8 mi) west
Castra Mefaa, Kastron Mefa'a, Jahaz, Um er-Rasas, circa 421.6 km (262 mi) north-west
Salecah, circa 423.3 km (263 mi) north-west
Tell er-Ramadi, circa 546.1 km (339.3 mi) north
Tell Abu Hasan, circa 547 km (339.9 mi) north
Mushatta, circa 426.2 km (264.8 mi) north-west
Ba’ja, circa 429 km (266.6 mi) west
Arbatu, Tell Khaumat Hajin, circa 552.4 km (343.2 mi) north
Doura Europos, circa 554.9 km (344.8 mi) north
Haradum, Khirbet ed-Diniyeh, circa 541.8 km (336.6 mi) north
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